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Linde offers total solutions for supply of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen (N2) for the plastics industry. This includes: Inert-gas storage tanks with telemetry-based gas inventory systems, as well as a range of efficient gas compressor booster systems / transfer stations / and inert-gas metering systems.

Inert Gas Metering Device (DSD 500)

  • Extremely accurate control of gas flow
  • Eliminates need for pre-cooling the CO2
  • Easy to install

The patented Linde DSD 500 was especially designed to meter liquid CO2, but can also be used for metering gaseous N2. It consists mainly of one or two high-performance compressors especially adapted for use with CO2, a suitable mass-flow meter, and a special control valve (3/3-way proportional). The DSD 500 is easy to install, eliminates the need for pre-cooling the CO2, and allows an extremely accurate gas flow control, independent of pressure, temperature or type of gas. It is suitable for continuous as well as discontinuous operation.

Liquid CO2 Compressor Stations

Choose from a range of efficient, low-pressure compressor stations for liquid CO2. For polyurethane (PUR) or polystyrene (PS) foaming processes, Linde compressor systems with ratings up to 1150 psi can be used to supply any kind of metering system with bubble-free liquid CO2. The CO2 pressure can be regulated according to process demand.

New PRESUS™ C Liquid CO2 pressure booster

  • Delivers bubble-free CO2 for precision foaming.
  • Eliminates hydrocarbon blowing agents.
  • Automatically adapts to process demands.
  • Dual-pump design for reliable operation.

PRESUS C systems can supply high-mass-flow liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) at a constant high pressure, automatically adapting to process demands. During pauses in production, the LCO2 mass flow automatically stops to conserve cryogen and reduce energy consumption. Pneumatic operation and a dual-pump design enhance reliability and flexibility. Three compact models are available. LCO2 mass-flow rates range from 10 to 1100 lbs/h and maximum operating pressures from 1015 to 1450 psi.

Liquid Nitrogen Compressor Systems

PRESUS™ N10 high-pressure nitrogen booster

  • Low energy consumption, up to 90% less than state-of-the-art gas compression units
  • Flow rate at least five times higher than state-of-the-art gas compressors
  • Allows for non-continuous operation without heating liquid nitrogen
  • Eliminates risk of nitrogen purity contamination due to oil-free operation
  • Ease of operation, programmable logic control (PLC) system

The PRESUS™ N10 liquid compressor is cutting-edge pressure-boosting technology for gas-assist injection molding, as well as other industrial processes which require high-pressure nitrogen (N2) or argon (Ar) gases. The unit uses a powerful hydraulic piston to further pressurize liquids before evaporation, with maximum pressure rating up to 4500 psi.

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