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Linde offers complete gas supply and delivery solutions for GAIM including supply, storage, pressure boosters and metering systems.

Nitrogen (N2), in various forms, has been used in gas-assist injection molding (GAIM) for years to improve cycle times for manufacturing plastic parts for automotive, appliance, furniture and many other applications. For injection molders and OEMs, Linde gas-assist technology can mean higher productivity and competiveness. For designers of plastic parts and injection molds, gas assist can make more intricate designs feasible, while reducing mold stresses and product weight.

When nitrogen gas is injected into the hollow channel of a plastic part or a mold cavity, the endothermic reaction instantly chills the warmer polymer areas inside, so the part can smoothly eject from the mold in less time. High-pressure inert nitrogen gas can push the melt into the cavity for more complete mold filling as in “short shot” applications, or be used to quickly form the gas channel inside hollow parts such as handles, which we call “inner cooling.” Wall thicknesses of tubular-shaped parts are usually thick but homogeneous, and rapid cooling from the inside out can improve cycle times and help eliminate production bottlenecks.

Today GAIM systems can use either nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2). Given recent advances in gas-assist technology from Linde, CO2 is now the recommended solution in most cases. Contact Linde to schedule a process review to see if this is a better solution for your operation.

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