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This solvent-free cleaning process is ideal for preparing parts and components prior to painting or coating, and can effectively clean and polish metal molds used in the production of plastic, rubber or die-cast parts. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is inert, so there are no ozone-depleting solvents, and no potential for oxidizing metal as with aqueous-based cleaning systems.

With CRYOCLEAN® Snow, tiny dry-ice particles are ejected at high pressure, mechanically scrubbing and polishing surfaces clean of machine oils, metal working fluids and surface residues.

CRYOCLEAN Snow is ideal for a variety of industrial cleaning applications, including: automotive bumpers and external fittings, parts for automotive interiors, polyurethane (PUR) molds, injection molds, die-cast molds, and pre-treating welded metal components (see video).

The eco-friendly process offers numerous advantages over solvent-based or aqueous cleaning systems:

  • Significantly lower investment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced water and energy usage
  • Fewer process steps
  • No waste water treatment
  • Less space required
  • Simple automation

Linde provides all the necessary equipment and supply systems to ensure the safe installation and handling of the gas. Furthermore, we can tailor the supply mode to suit your application, either by supplying cylinder packages or liquid CO2 with a combined gas booster.

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