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In a competitive global market, engineering know-how can make the difference.

Reduced processing costs, faster cycle times, and environmental advantages are three reasons why the plastics industry demands world-leading process solutions. Engineering know-how can make the difference.  Linde PLASTINUM™ gas process solutions use either liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2), and encompass world-leading gas-assist injection molding technology, cryogenic spot cooling systems, and high-efficiency CO2 systems for more eco-friendly plastics foaming.

Linde offers complete solutions including CO2 or N2 supply, pressure and metering systems. Other processes that rely on our high-pressure inert gases include solvent-free cleaning and polishing systems for molds and for preparing surfaces of finished plastic parts prior to coating. 

To help diagnose and meet a range of needs, Linde can perform a thermal analysis of existing molds, calculate existing gas-process consumption, design and engineer new cooling and cleaning systems, and provide support for demos and system

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